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Visualization is one of the most important factors in reporting. Visuals play a fundamental role in the democratization of data, helping executives to understand the data in order to make better decisions. However, the use of too many colors can work against us.

How do companies apply artificial intelligence? As an abstract technology with a large number of possible applications, it is sometimes difficult to understand the scope of artificial intelligence. In this article we explain 5 different examples of AI applications

Big Data has transformed the way data is managed and stored, introducing new demands on traditional data storage processing. Over time, new volume and velocity requirements have transformed ETL processes to a new perspective: ELT.

The scope of data analytics in the business world continues to grow, reflecting the proliferation of analytics technologies that aim to promote the use of data by enterprises. However, choosing the right analytics tool that can meet our needs is a challenge.

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webinarRPARobotic Process AutomationGenerate significant cost savings by increasing productivity and process quality, with improved customer experience and better business results.

Education Data sources in education are vast. Managing the analysis of large amounts of data and reporting requirements can seem overwhelming, whether in school districts, departments or campuses. School personnel need a tool that makes this process easier and delivers better results. That’s what the right business intelligence solution can do.

SaludDiver gets important information to you and other key stakeholders quickly and in a format you can use right away. This gives you a more complete understanding of your data so you can make better decisions to improve the patient experience, improve the health of vulnerable populations and reduce the cost of healthcare.

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Figure 1. Stages of DEA technique. A. Definition and Selection of DMUs The DMU will be each of the maturity levels to be analyzed. Since most BI maturity models have a five-level maturity structure, all maturity models that meet that criterion will be selected. Figure 2 shows the correspondence of each of the DMUs with their respective level.

It is observed that the ratios KPA / practices and Miscellaneous outputs / practices of the decision units EBIM, TDWI and EBI2M obtained the highest values, i.e. maximum efficiency. F. Presentation and analysis of results The above results show how difficult it is to compare decision units to determine their relative efficiency. For example, taking into account the results in Table 4, it can be seen from the KPA / practices column that EBI2M is 0.266 times more efficient than EI. Figure 3 shows a graph with the results of Table 4. In this graph a horizontal line is drawn from the EBIM, TDWI and EBI2M points to the vertical axis, and a vertical line is drawn from the same points to the horizontal axis. These two lines correspond to the Efficiency Frontier.

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Bookmarks are used to capture the current state of a report page. Bookmarks save current filters and segmentations, visual objects, and sorting criteria, among other things. When users view the report, if they click on the bookmark, they can return to the exact state that has been saved in the bookmark.

For example, the case we will see is that of highlighting specific information, i.e., if we want to see the same chart by both months and quarters, we will create a bookmark with the monthly chart and another bookmark with the quarterly chart.

Conditional formats are mostly used to better visualize the data in the tables, since these have a very flat format. In this way, the end user will not find it so difficult to understand the information displayed.

For example, if we have a table where we indicate profits and losses, to make it more visual, we could put the negative fields (losses) in red and the positive fields (profits) in green.