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Leading to Automation SuccessWe are experts in Intelligent Process Automation (RPA-AI)Intelligent Automation. Our Vision We improve the performance and quality of our customers’ business processes through transformation based on Intelligent Automation.

We work with RPA and AI since 2015.Automation with software robots (RPA)Since 2015 we cover the whole cycle of process automation in all business areas by using RPA. We are partners of leading manufacturers such as:

Data AnalyticsWe integrate process data with external BI systems (Splunk, Kibana, etc) and generate integrations with other business systems through proprietary developments and algorithms:

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The Digital Workforce or Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the implementation of software that operates as a workforce, in this case digital, controlled by the operations areas. This Digital Workforce or RPA allows eliminating repetitive manual activities that use structured data and follow defined business rules, without requiring modifications to existing systems since the interaction is done through the visual interface, as a human does.

We are characterized by our passion, our proximity to the client, the training of the people who make up our teams and by fostering a friendly work space where diversity is a value that makes us all stronger.

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Automation can be applied to simple tasks that require a lot of dedication and time, such as searching for information in different databases, copying and pasting information into new records… And also to more complex tasks that require a higher technical knowledge (web scraping, content migration, business intelligence…).

By automating tasks you will avoid “copy/paste”, errors, redundant information, waiting times, learning costs… You will gain in efficiency, you will be able to dedicate your resources to higher value tasks, you will improve the quality of your work and you will save a lot of money.

Some examples of our most recent projects are the integration of flight offers, applications and webservices for golf course reservations and SPA treatments.    Integration of customer financial information from different portals and detection of illegally distributed copyrighted online content.

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We are a company dedicated to process automation (Robot Process Automation or RPA) and process engineering with artificial intelligence in Costa Rica. We have extensive experience and we are official Gold Partners of UiPath in the country.

UiPath is a leading robotic process automation provider that provides a complete software platform to help organizations efficiently automate business processes.

We are a company dedicated to process automation (Robot Process Automation or RPA) and process engineering with artificial intelligence in Costa Rica. RPA is a relatively new term, but not the concept behind it. For decades, companies have been looking for ways to optimize resources through software that performs specific functions in record time.

Companies are very interested in RPA because it saves on the cost of intensive manual efforts and frees up capital and resources for higher-value activities.